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Fictions of Every Kind writers' social night

Fictions of Every Kind is completely non-profit. Run by writers for writers, it is the aim of Fictions... to give support & encouragement to anyone involved in the lonely act of writing. We meet at Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds.

We meet quarterly for themed events. We always have invited speakers, a writers' open mic, and a band.

Our next three events are:

Fictions of Every Kind: Riot Tuesday 5th June, 7.30 pm
Fictions of Every Kind: Revelation Tuesday 18th June, 7.30pm
Fictions of Every Kind: Apocalypse Tuesday 11th December, 7.30pm

(*please note WCCC is a members' club. You must be a member or guest of a member to attend events here. For more information visit

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